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Presidential Fund for Innovation in International Studies

STANFORD, California – The Presidential Fund for Innovation in International Studies (PFIIS) grant program has been suspended for the 2009-2010 academic year. Check back in September 2010 for information about future application deadlines.

Presidential Fund for Innovation in International Studies (Program Suspended) 

Stanford's Presidential Fund for Innovation in International Studies (PFIIS), through the generous support from The Office of the President and the Stanford International Initiative, was created to support interdisciplinary research and teaching on three overarching global challenges: pursuing peace and security, improving governance, and advancing human well-being.

"The world does not come to us as neat disciplinary problems, but as complex interdisciplinary challenges," said Stanford President John Hennessy. "The collaborative proposals we have selected for this first round of funding offer great potential to help shed light on some of the most persistent and pressing political issues on the global agenda today - issues acutely important to our common future," he stated.


The Presidential Fund for Innovation in International Studies (PFIIS) awards grants for interdisciplinary research on a competitive basis, creating a venture fund for start-up and early stage projects. The primary goal of these grants is to create opportunities for faculty to collaborate on interdisciplinary research and teaching on issues of global significance.

Two types of grants are available: project grants and planning grants. Both will be awarded on a competitive basis and are not renewable.

- Project awards may be for any amount, but will typically be in the range of $25-100,000 per year for a maximum of three years.

- Planning grants may be allocated to support research and teaching of a more preliminary nature, and will be for no more than one-year in length (non-renewable) and for approximately $10-15,000.

Projects of special interest include those characterized by:

- Teams of faculty representing multiple fields (minimum of two) and of scholars who do not typically work together. Inclusion of graduate student collaborators or some other training component is a plus.

- Preference will be given to scholarly collaborations that focus on one or more of the three primary research themes of the International Initiative: enhancing the prospects for peace and security worldwide; improving and reforming governance in all its forms and at all levels of society; and advancing human well-being. Grants may support promising research in other areas, as well as faculty-led seminars and workshops organized along interdisciplinary lines.

- The project's potential for growth into a vibrant, interdisciplinary research or teaching program that will attract future funding from outside sources.

- A budget whose primary expenditures are earmarked for services and materials other than faculty compensation.

The competition isopen to all faculty members in all disciplines, including scholars inthe humanities and those based in the professional schools, including School of Medicine faculty permitted to be principal investigators.

PFIIS program is administered by the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies under the auspices of the Office of the President and the International Initiative. Proposals for PFIIS grants are reviewed and awarded by a selection committee comprised of faculty from a wide range of schools and interdisciplinary units. The amount of the award is determined on an individual basis.

Please note that for the 2009 awards there has been a change in the application process.
Click here to see the current deadline and application process.


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