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Check what services your Cardinal Care or other primary insurance provider will cover internationally

Many types of health insurance do not cover care abroad. Out of pocket costs can be extremely expensive. Be sure you understand the terms of your insurance policy and the claim and reimbursement process. Ideally, you would want your insurance to cover medical treatment, medical evacuation (in an emergency), repatriation in the event of death. If you’re covered by Cardinal Care, all three categories are covered.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) can be purchased online or from Bechtel International Center (approx. $25). The ISIC card issued in the U.S. includes basic travel insurance that covers your international travels outside of the U.S. It also provides discounts on transportation, museums and other amenities.

Students with Cardinal Care should check with the Vaden Health Center. Students covered by another insurance company should check directly with them and purchase additional travel health insurance if they are not covered.



2 months before your trip