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Design Thinking. Design Doing.

  1. People first, always

    We design services for people, not the other way around. We use creative problem-solving to identify and reframe real-life problems that our faculty, staff and students deal with every day.

  2. Listen and deliver

    Empathy is the backbone for how we solve problems. We are committed to listening and helping faculty get on the right path to troubleshoot their international research challenges and get them in the field as quickly as possible

  3. Be bold

    We tackle big problems by making them small, and small problems by making them even smaller.

  4. Share innovations widely

    Innovating on solutions that we share with the larger Stanford community reduces the burden of redundancies. Time is saved and faculty, staff and students spend more time doing valuable work contributing to international research.

  5. Experiment, iterate & improve

    The first answer is not always the right answer. We believe in the value of re-assessing priorities and pivoting in today’s changing environment.

  6. Work together

    We build services that work for as many people as possible by engaging in a process of co-creation. We do all of our work using Agile principles, informed by user stories written by our stakeholders.