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Listen and deliver

OIA-BOSP Companion Grants maximize overseas faculty-in-residence time with international research collaborations

In 2017, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) and the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) joined hands to create the Companion Grant, sponsored by the Roberta and Steve Denning International Research Exploration Fund. The grant supports BOSP faculty-in-residence to pursue research opportunities related to the BOSP location where they are teaching.

OIA and Dean of Research build Stanford Seed Funding site to support faculty research and teaching

Across campus are numerous internal funding opportunities for university research, teaching and other academic endeavors, but considering the expansive nature of the university, the groundwork of figuring out where they are or how to apply has been a challenge. The Office of International Affairs built and launched the Stanford Seed Funding website in order to simplify this process and reduce the administrative burden of obtaining funding.

Stanford faculty address global research challenges with grant support

Stanford's Office for International Affairs awarded faculty funds for international research on water and sanitation issues, anti-tumor compounds, methane emission reduction, human trafficking, and malaria impact.


The Office of International Affairs’ Roberta and Steve Denning International Research Exploration Fund has helped faculty pursue innovative international research since 2013.

"International Academy" Travel Preparation Course for Students

Preparing for international travel can often seem overwhelming, with various policies, handbooks, forms, orientations, and pre-departure checklists to navigate. For administrators of international programs, making sure that information and resources are current and thorough can be a time-consuming process, particularly as the number of international opportunities increase and travel becomes more complex.

SOLO developments enhance student travel preparation

SOLO (Stanford On & Off-campus Learning Opportunities), a partnership between OIA and 20+ academic units on the Stanford campus, aggregates internships, research fellowships, public service trips, study tours, and other Stanford opportunities for students to go off-campus and enrich their academic experience. The website can be used by administrators to post opportunities, collect and review applications, and to help prepare awardees for their off-campus travel.

OIA - BOSP Companion Grants integrate research with teaching abroad

Six Stanford faculty members have been awarded grants that will enable them to better pursue collaborative research while serving as faculty-in-residence directors for the Bing Overseas Studies Program. The faculty members will pursue research into such areas as water contamination in Chile, the inscription of sound in Japan, the engineering of opera in in Florence, the philosophical analysis of interaction in France, and digital economy in South Africa. These grants were made possible by the Roberta and Steve Denning International Research Exploration Fund.

Stanford platform offers central location for on & off-campus learning programs

Students interested in pursuing internships, research projects, public service gigs and study tours – across the United States and around the world – will find an ever-growing list of activities listed on the new platform, Stanford On & Off-Campus Learning Opportunities.

Undergraduate and graduate students alike are invited to search the platform – known as SOLO for short – by keyword and/or by location – for programs off the Farm.


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