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"International Academy" Travel Preparation Course for Students

March 07, 2019

International Academy homepage

Preparing for international travel can often seem overwhelming, with various policies, handbooks, forms, orientations, and pre-departure checklists to navigate. For administrators of international programs, making sure that information and resources are current and thorough can be a time-consuming process, particularly as the number of international opportunities increase and travel becomes more complex.

A comprehensive online platform for international travel preparation

In an effort to streamline and improve the pre-departure experience for all, the Office of International Affairs is pleased to launch a new online course platform. The “International Academy,” available on Stanford’s Canvas learning management system, is a self-paced course designed for the 1000+ students who study abroad, conduct research, participate in fellowships or internships, or otherwise engage in international activities each year. It is the University’s first comprehensive online course on international travel preparation, with a focus on logistics/practical tips, health, safety and security. 

Upon finishing the course, students will be able to complete important pre-departure tasks and plans in preparation for international travel, use external resources to identify and evaluate health and safety concerns specific to their destination, practice safe travel behaviors, and identify services and resources available through Stanford in case they need help.

With input from multiple travel sponsoring units and campus experts, the International Academy streamlines travel preparation guidance in order to deliver a standard, high-quality training for Stanford students. In the future, additional modules will be developed on specialized topics and location-specific training.

Using the course

The International Academy is available to any department or program that sends students abroad as a pre-departure tool, and can be customized to fit the needs of each international program. Students can also self-enroll in the course through this link.

For more information, please contact OIA Coordinator Natalie Chang (