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International SOS MyTrips: the easiest way to register travel

December 10, 2018

The Office of International Affairs maintains the University's travel registry to help assist travelers in the event of an international incident while they are traveling abroad. We are pleased to announce the addition of a new and very easy way to register travel.  

How does it work?

International SOS MyTrips makes registering your travel as easy as forwarding an itinerary confirmation email. Once a traveler creates a MyTrips account with their Stanford email address, they can forward flight, hotel, and car rental confirmations to MyTrips.

MyTrips will then do the work of translating that data into a travel registry record. The traveler's itinerary will be registered automatically, and they will receive a confirmation of registration in their Stanford email inbox within minutes.

As a benefit, travelers that register a trip through MyTrips will receive an International SOS Pre-Trip Advisory email with links and information relevant to their destination countries.

To get started with MyTrips, visit our page for detailed instructions.