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New and Improved Stanford University travel registry

March 31, 2014
Image credit: Flickr/Fumigraphik

As we head into the spring and summer breaks, many in the Stanford community will be planning international travel, either for the holidays and/or for academic trips. One of the first things a traveler should do when travel plans have been confirmed is to register travel on the OIA travel registry. As travel to some parts of the world becomes increasingly risky, travelers need to be more pro-active about their own safety.

The OIA travel registry is maintained at Stanford and therefore we can act quickly and pro-actively to determine if we have any Stanford travelers in-country during a significant incident. The ultimate goal is to know how to communicate with travelers in the event of an incident.

The Graduate School Business sends students abroad every quarter and finds value in registering groups of travelers. According to Trish Howard, Manager of Emergency and Travel Risk, “The OIA travel registry is an excellent way of tracking travel for emergency purposes.  The world is ever changing and knowing that there are designated staff monitoring and ready to assist only shows how much Stanford cares."

Recently, two new features have been added to the travel registry; an additional email notification for faculty, students and staff and group travel registration for staff.

Additional Email Notification

Everyone who registers his or her international travel will now have the opportunity to send a copy of the travel registration to another individual. How is this helpful? In some cases, departmental administrators may require students to register their international travel before they disburse any funds. Now administrators don’t need to wait for a student to forward a copy of their travel registration because they will receive a duplicate copy of the travel registration directly from the registry.

Group Travel Registration

Schools or departmental administrators that arrange travel for a group of students have the capability to register a group of students all at once.  When you arrive at the Group Travel Registration Page you will find step-by-step directions on how to upload a csv file (a type of excel spreadsheet). This method will be helpful for administrators who typically have all of their travelers' details, including where they are going and their emergency contact information, and who prefer to maintain local copies for their own business or programmatic purposes.

For more tips on planning international travel, refer to our travel checklist here:

If you have any questions regarding the OIA travel registry, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 650-723-3016 or 650-723-3174.