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What you should know in the event of an international emergency

August 12, 2016
Image credit: Michelle Drewes

The university’s International Response Team is poised to provide assistance in the event of major political unrest, natural disaster or other crisis overseas. The Office of International Affairs encourages Stanford travelers to register their plans before they go.

If a natural disaster, infectious disease epidemic or political crisis occurs in a country where Stanford faculty, students, postdocs and staff are doing research, the university’s International Response Team would immediately convene to oversee their safe return.

Over the last two years, the 70-member team has developed a university-wide contingency plan to guide Stanford’s response to significant overseas events, such as earthquakes, pandemic outbreaks or civil war.

The team is known as International STAT, or iSTAT, and is poised to provide immediate assistance.

Stanford stands ready to respond – by phone, online and even on the ground – to medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations, with the assistance of vendors participating in the university’s International Travel Assistance Program.