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From as far back as we can remember, owning land has been a path to wealth and power. But what about owning a government and the right to control its territory? Is that, too, a path to wealth and power, and for whom?

"Fail better" is a popular mantra heard throughout Silicon Valley. In the U.S., lenient bankruptcy laws that don't jeopardize personal assets make it easier to fail, file for bankruptcy and move on to the next venture.

The Office of International Affairs was created to reduce the complexities of international research in order to increase international collaboration.

The university’s International Response Team is poised to provide assistance in the event of major political unrest, natural disaster or other crisis overseas. The Office of International Affairs encourages Stanford travelers to register their plans before they go.

Are you planning an international trip this summer? You won’t be alone. According to research from the university’s travel registry, many Stanford students, faculty and staff travel internationally during the summer whether for recreation or research.

Digital Humanities is an emerging methodology that applies computational tools and platforms to humanistic research. With advanced mapping technologies and visualization techniques, for instance, one can show how the U.S.

The Office of International Affairs' (OIA) International Research Exploration Fund helps faculty maximize global opportunities that enrich research and learning and that broaden the impact of both.

Many Stanford faculty who have conducted research in low-resourced environments point out lack of reciprocity as one of their biggest challenges. They often find it challenging to invite their collaborator from developing countries due to economic disparity.

From humble beginnings known for its fruit orchards, Silicon Valley has transformed into the heartland of entrepreneurship and innovation in the United States. Each year hundreds of budding entrepreneurs from all over the world descend on Silicon Valley in search of the secret sauce.

Building and maintaining civil and social infrastructure is a massive and complicated task. Yet it is an essential responsibility of any society.