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You have a great idea, but how do you develop your idea into a tangible project? Seed funding allows researchers to test out their ideas, and since 2013 the Office of International Affairs has provided such funding to meet faculty needs and fill funding gaps.

Students interested in pursuing internships, research projects, public service gigs and study tours – across the United States and around the world – will find an ever-growing list of activities listed on the new platform, Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities

You’re in a remote mountain area relying on a hydropower station to provide energy, but there isn’t enough water to activate the system. You have no power, no light and can’t do the simplest things, like boil water. What do you do?

The Office of International Affairs International Research Exploration Fund helps faculty maximize global opportunities that enrich research and learning and that broaden the impact of both.

When the Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago, the threat of mutually assured destruction was replaced by the danger that Russia’s new government would lose control of the nuclear assets it inherited from the Soviet Union.

Picture this, you’re a Stanford student interested in gaining some international experience through a Stanford opportunity during spring or summer break. Where do you start your search?

From as far back as we can remember, owning land has been a path to wealth and power. But what about owning a government and the right to control its territory? Is that, too, a path to wealth and power, and for whom?

"Fail better" is a popular mantra heard throughout Silicon Valley. In the U.S., lenient bankruptcy laws that don't jeopardize personal assets make it easier to fail, file for bankruptcy and move on to the next venture.

The Office of International Affairs was created to reduce the complexities of international research in order to increase international collaboration.

The university’s International Response Team is poised to provide assistance in the event of major political unrest, natural disaster or other crisis overseas. The Office of International Affairs encourages Stanford travelers to register their plans before they go.