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As part of the Vice Provost and the Dean of Research, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) facilitates new collaborations with international partners on behalf of Stanford's faculty and students to broaden and deepen the scope of international research at Stanford.

Once considered as a mere pathway to smuggle drugs to the U.S., Mexico is now suffering from rapid increase in drug addiction.The National Addiction Survey in 2008reported that the number of

Facebook and LinkedIn are just a few of the social networking platforms that are popular today. With a simple click, you can “friend” or “connect” with just about anybody in the world, but there was a time not too long ago when this wasn’t the case.

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is pleased to announce recipients of their 2014-2015 Proof of Concept Seed Grants.

Population aging is one of the most global and significant trends in the 21st century. Although each society has different social and economic backgrounds that have resulted in demographic transformation, the older population is growing rapidly in general due to declining fertility rates and rising life expectancy.

Stanford officials are monitoring global health concerns about Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus – commonly referred to as MERS – and in particular its spread in recent months to South Korea.

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, read “Approaching a State Shift in Earth's Biosphere,” a publication that resulted from the culmination of a year’s work of 22 biologists from 4 countries that identifie


As summer approaches, many people in the Stanford community are planning international travel. As travel to some parts of the world becomes increasingly unpredictable, travelers need to be more proactive about their own safety.