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Register a Trip - International SOS MyTrips

Before departing on your trip, register your trip details with the University by using International SOS MyTrips. Travel registration allows Stanford to locate you and offer assistance in case of any emergency affecting your travel area.

Stanford Travelers: Create your MyTrips account / Log-in

What is MyTrips?

MyTrips is a tool from International SOS. Once you create a MyTrips account, registering your travel is as easy as forwarding an itinerary confirmation from your Stanford email address to In addition to flight itineraries, you can register hotel, car rental, and train bookings. Enter as much detail regarding your trip as possible (all flight segments, lodging, transportation) and revise any information as necessary.

If you are sending an itinerary on a traveler's behalf, please send the email to the traveler’s Stanford email address and cc Your traveler should still create a MyTrips account.

As a benefit, travelers that register a trip will receive an ISOS Pre-Trip Advisory email with information and links relevant to their destination countries.

Getting Started:

Registration on MyTrips involves two processes: 1) Create a MyTrips Profile (or updating an existing one) and then 2) Create a New Trip. The traveler must have an account in MyTrips to submit their trip itinerary. 

If the traveler has booked their trip through a University-contracted travel agency (e.g. Egencia), their itinerary is automatically registered and they do not need to submit through MyTrips. 

To get started with MyTrips, download a set of instructions with screenshots here: International SOS MyTrips Instructions


If you experience any issues with forwarding an itinerary or with MyTrips, please contact