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Pursuing Excellence through Diversity

When working on global energy issues, perspectives from individuals with different nationality, socioeconomic status, or ethnicity can lead to creative solutions. The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) at the School of Earth Sciences coordinates diversity programs to support faculty and staff with different backgrounds and to build national and international partnerships. The office aims not only to bring individual liberation but also set important stepping-stones for pursing academic excellence.

From Farm to Fork

I never imagined that a bowl of salad could throw out so many questions on the table until I met with Matt Rothe, Sustainable Food Program Manager at the Stanford Dining Services. Where are these tomatoes coming from? How were they grown? Is the plastic bowl biodegradable? Are the farmers who had raised the kale fairly rewarded?

Stanford Program for International Reproductive Education and Services (SPIRES)- Building Capacity in Developing Countries

A woman dies of cervical cancer every two minutes worldwide, claiming nearly a quarter of a million women every year. The disease affects an estimated 500,000 women annually. Eighty percent of the cases occur in developing countries where women have limited access to cervical cancer screening and ob-gyn treatment services.

Stanford Woods Institute: Innovation Hub to Solve International Environmental Challenges

Few issues have broader global implications than environmental sustainability. While many of us are interested in environmental issues that have a direct impact on us, the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment (Stanford Woods Institute) focuses on the interconnectedness of environmental challenges throughout the world. The Stanford Woods Institute has been leading programs and seminars to solve environmental challenges at domestic and international levels for 8 years. Its approach is highly interdisciplinary and innovative.

The Stanford International Division

Tom Tseng, the Director of the Stanford International Division (SID)* had just gotten back from his two-weeks business trip to Asia when I met him for an interview. He greeted me at the lobby of Arrillaga Alumni Center with no trace of jet-lag. With genuine vitality and confidence, Tom shared the key to the university’s successful relationship building with its donors and his belief about the culture of giving. 


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