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OIA connects Kenyan entomologist with Stanford research community

"I know that I cannot solve the world’s problems on my own. I like to connect with people from different fields that have different expertise and look at issues from different angles and perspectives." - Angelle Desiree LaBeaud

OIA provided faculty funding to Angelle Desiree LaBeaud, associate professor in the department of pediatrics, to bring her co-investigator Bryson Ndenga, from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) to Stanford. Dr. Ndenga, is an expert in entomology and project manager for Professor LaBeaud's western Kenya site where he leads a multidisciplinary group of researchers.

During his time at Stanford, Dr. Ndenga gave a full week of lectures and trained Professor LaBeaud's team on the basics of medical entomology and attended one-on-one short trainings in her lab on different methods of chikungunya and dengue diagnosis that will allow the transfer of crucial technical knowledge to the laboratory team back in Kenya. He joined meetings that weren’t directly related to infectious disease research to explore opportunities to collaborate.

Dr. Ndenga provided a practicum on mosquito identification in collaboration with the Prakash lab in the department of bioengineering. These initial conversations led to brainstorming and he is developing a pilot study with Stanford bioengineering PhD students.

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