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OIA helps research team stay safe in India

Students at the Stanford India Health Policy Initiative are committed to a three-quarter activities that includes a trip to India for 8 weeks during summer. In 2012, the Office of International Affairs assisted Professor Grant Miller, Director of the Stanford India Health Policy Initiative, with the customized travel preparation for 12 undergraduate and 6 graduate students.

We began with gathering information about the trip including destinations, traveling period, travellers, group leader, local partner, accommodations, activities that the students will engage while in the country. Based on that, we helped them establish a communication plan aiming to help students find easiest and fastest way to reach out to relevant person in case of emergency. The plan included U.S. and in-country contact numbers for its local partner, group leader, On Call International, International SOS. We also added contact information for the U.S. Consulate in New Delhi, local emergency response services and a list of in-network hospitals in the two destination cities referred by International SOS. OIA also created a checklist to protect students’ electronic devices and the data with the guidance of the University IT Services. For both documents, OIA focused on delivering the information as concise and student-friendly as possible so that the students would not be overwhelmed before their trip and be willing to follow the guidance.