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Contact With Law Enforcement

General Guidance If You Are Contacted by Law Enforcement Regarding Your International Activity or Immigration Status

Law Enforcement Contact Guidance

Read and understand guidelines for international expenses

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For travelers who are traveling on University business, you may submit a request for reimbursement via an expense report within Stanford's Expense Requests System. If there is a departmental administrator who has "SU Expense Requests" authority and handles expense reports that result in a reimbursement, you can submit your invoices or receipts to the administrator to process the reimbursement request.

If you submit a request via Expense Requests, you need to enter a business purpose and attach/upload supporting documentation. Business purpose includes the reason for the expenditure and explains how it supports Stanford University business and addresses Who, What, Where and Why. Please refer to the Guidelines for Writing Clear Business Purpose.

The U.S. Department of State provides an online guide where you can look up foreign per diem rates by location. The Expense Requests system will display domestic and foreign per diems based on city within the system.

Additionally, please read the Expense Guidance for Business Meals that includes additional regulations and guidelines that pertain to expenses for alcoholic beverages, location of the business meal, and meals provided to a spouse.

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