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Contact With Law Enforcement

General Guidance If You Are Contacted by Law Enforcement Regarding Your International Activity or Immigration Status

Law Enforcement Contact Guidance

For Travelers

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The global risk team advises on travel preparation, risk assessment, mitigation, and response so faculty, staff, and students can travel overseas to research, learn, collaborate and engage with the world with self-awareness and confidence.

Woven Chronicle by Reena Saini Kallat
Coca growers and supporters run from tear gas during clashes with riot police near Cochabamba. Photograph: Danilo Balderrama/Reuters

Global Risk is here to help

Global Risk is here to support your health, safety, and security during international travel. Through partnerships across the university, we have responded to a variety of incidents abroad. Check out these stories to find out more. 

Travel Preparation

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Travel Policy and Risk Ratings

The Provost's International Travel Policy has been updated to shift away from the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories, to the more nuanced medical and security advisories from our partner International SOS.

Check the travel and medical risk ratings of your destination here.  

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Book / Register Your Travel

Book your university-funded/sponsored travel through Stanford Travel.

Emergency Assistance

Learn about the support available to you through the university's International Travel Assistance Program. 

If you experience an emergency during international travel

call International SOS

[all travelers except Postdocs]

+1-215-942-8478 (collect calls accepted)

Membership: #11BCPA000272

Postdocs ONLY

call Assist America

+1-609-986-1234 (call or text message)

Basic Travel Assistance Reference #01-AA-STD-5201

We're here to help.

Contact the Global Risk team for assistance with any of the services above. If your specific circumstance is not listed, our staff is available to help you navigate the landscape of partner offices we collaborate with across campus. 

Staff and faculty can find more on the global risk intranet