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Apply for a Stanford Travel Card

The university’s preferred method to pay for many types of university-related travel expenses overseas is a Travel Card. There are two types of Stanford Travel Cards:

  1. Individual Travel Cards, which are issued to faculty, staff, and post-doctoral fellows who travel frequently;
  2. Department Travel Cards, which are issued to department administrators to pay for travel-related purchases for occasional travelers, students or non-employees.

Each school and department may have its own policy about who may receive a Travel Card. Financial Management Services may have additional requirements for university travelers that may delay receipt of a Travel Card. To determine what may be involved to secure a Travel Card, please contact your department administrator and the Financial Support Center. Please be aware that it may take several weeks to receive your Travel Card.

Many departments have a petty cash fund, but most are very small and unable to support anything more than very minor incidental expenses incurred during international travel.

3 months before your trip