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Verify that your travel plans comply with Stanford's International Travel Policy

When it comes to undergraduate students, Stanford-sponsored or Stanford-organized trips are prohibited to countries or regions and locations within a country where the U.S. Department of State has issued an official Travel Advisory of Level 4 (“Do Not Travel”) or Level 3 (“Reconsider Travel”) for either the country destination, or for the particular region or location of intended travel within the country destination, or where there is other reliable information of significant health or safety risks. No university funds or resources may be used, or university sponsorship provided, in support of travel to these locations.

For undergraduates only: if you are in compliance with Stanford's International Travel Policy, sign the International Travel Policy Acknowledgment and Agreement Form and submit it to your program sponsor. If you are not in compliance with Stanford's International Travel Policy, discuss your options with your program sponsor. Your program sponsor may ask you to fill out a Student International Travel Itinerary Assessment in order to request approval for your travel.

At least 6 months before your trip (or before you consider an opportunity)