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Contact With Law Enforcement

General Guidance If You Are Contacted by Law Enforcement Regarding Your International Activity or Immigration Status

Law Enforcement Contact Guidance

For Faculty, Staff and Postdocs

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Stanford Seed Funding Platform

Stanford Seed Funding

The Stanford Seed Funding Platform contains hundreds of Stanford-funded opportunities to jump start international collaborations for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.

On & Off Campus Learning Opportunities

Post on & off campus academic opportunities, manage applications, and prepare students for travel through SOLO. Start now to make your educational learning opportunities available to more students.

U.S. Coast Guard

Do Research

Find information to plan and set up your international research and more. DoResearch is your resources to faculty navigate these waters.

International Visitors

The Office of Community Engagement plans meetings for international visitors, e.g., ministers, government officials, university faculty members and staff, to ensure they advance Stanford's research and academic goals. 


• so that faculty meet with mutually beneficial visitors and faculty time is protected by minimizing meetings with little impact on faculty research

• so that other campus units can benefit from our experience in handling visits and leverage existing research networks more effectively

Human Rights Clinic - Cambodia Student Work

Teach Abroad

Learn what is involved in taking students overseas and into the field, or the difference between being a BOSP faculty-in-residence and teaching a summer seminar.

Visiting Scholars

We help visiting scholars engage with the Stanford community beyond their hosting department.


• to build reciprocity and deepen relationships with visiting scholars during their time at Stanford and after they return to their home country

Export Controls

Export Controls

The Export Controls website contains articles, publications, and special pages for  circumstances that present particular export control compliance challenges. Learn how your work might be effected by travel, carrying or shipping technology, disclosing information, or providing financial assistance to others.

Global Business Services

Compliance & Operational Support

Global Business Services (GBS) ensures that your global activities adhere to stringent global standards. Contact GBS if you need help with business issues in the field, from opening a bank account to hiring a researcher. 


We direct you to the right offices that draft agreements for the international partnerships that are strategically important to your research.


• so that all of the offices involved in approving international partnerships are consistent in their agreement strategy

• so that you do not need to recreate the wheel for every new international partnership

• because partnership with an in-country research institution can be essential. Local partners will help you navigate complex local regulations, different cultural norms, networking, etc.

• so that you quickly get the appropriate approvals for getting a partnership off the ground 

Information Security and International Travel

The Information Security Office in conjunction with Global Business Services and the Office of International Affairs has established a list of high risk countries for which particular measures are recommended.

Please consult our Recommendations for Travelers to High Risk Countries for concise, practical guidance on how to protect yourself and the University while traveling.

In particular, if you are traveling to a high-risk country, consider requesting a free Travel Loaner Kit to make it easy to secure your data while traveling.

Similar guidance is available for those traveling to lower risk destinations in the Recommendations for Travelers to Lower Risk Countries.

We can help you

Contact our office for assistance with any of the services above. If your specific circumstance is not listed, our staff is available to help you navigate the landscape of partner offices that we collaborate with on campus. We're here to help you get to where you need to be.