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Contact With Law Enforcement

General Guidance If You Are Contacted by Law Enforcement Regarding Your International Activity or Immigration Status

Law Enforcement Contact Guidance
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Working + Studying

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Faculty Opportunities

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Bing Overseas Studies Programs


Faculty teach classes in their own disciplines, often developing courses that incorporate unique features of the local culture and environment or that provide comparative perspectives on a particular topic.

Overseas Seminars

Each year, in the Winter Quarter, BOSP also invites Stanford faculty to consider applying to lead an overseas seminar during the Summer Quarter of the following academic year. The cycle from submission of application to leading the seminar is an 18-month cycle. Overseas Seminars are two-unit, three-week classes taught by Stanford faculty in locations around the world that have direct relevance to the course topic.

Stanford Seed Funding Platform

Seed Funding

The Stanford Seed Funding Platform contains hundreds of Stanford-funded opportunities to jump start international collaborations for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.

Visiting Professor Appointments Abroad 

Faculty on sabbatical leave may accept a visiting professor appointment at another educational institution. Please check with the Faculty Handbook for guidelines on appointments at other institutions.

Student Opportunities

Stanford On & Off Campus Learning Opportunities

Find academic opportunities on & off campus from the Haas Center, Stanford Global Studies, Global Engineering Programs and others.


Explore Campus Cultures

Build a community within our student organizations and participate in campus life.

Hosting a Stanford Student Intern

Human Rights Clinic - Cambodia Student Work

Hosting a Stanford Student Intern

When Stanford students engage in experiential learning opportunities, our partner organizations play an important role as co-educators. We want to encourage these partners to join us in supporting the safety and wellbeing of our students. Click to learn more about Stanford’s expectations and resources for creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive community.