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Contact With Law Enforcement

General Guidance If You Are Contacted by Law Enforcement Regarding Your International Activity or Immigration Status

Law Enforcement Contact Guidance
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Planning + Traveling

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Emergency Contact Info

For Stanford-sponsored or Stanford-organized international travel.
Contact the Stanford Travel Emergency Line (STEL):  +1-833-496-0303

We advise faculty, staff, postdocs and students on travel preparation, risk assessment, mitigation, and response.


International travel involves inherent risk, so it’s important to stay informed. Learn more about our up-to date travel advisories, as well as country-specific risk ratings.



Forms + Checklists

There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning for international travel. We've put together a comprehensive list of to-dos for faculty, staff, postdocs and students, up to 6 months before your travel date. 

International Travel Assistance

Travelers may benefit from global travel risk assessments and mitigation recommendations. This service is available through the Global Risk office ( and is particularly useful for:

(1) Travel to higher-risk destinations (based on information from the U.S. Department of State, Centers for Disease Control, International SOS or other reliable sources of information for health, safety or security risks),

(2) Group trips that include five or more travelers, and,

(3) Travelers with particular vulnerabilities.

Learn about the support available to you through the university's International Travel Assistance Program.