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General Guidance If You Are Contacted by Law Enforcement Regarding Your International Activity or Immigration Status

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Book air travel, hotels and rental cars through the Stanford Travel program

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In order for Stanford to be able to provide support to its faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and students when they are traveling on university-sponsored business, the university requires that faculty, staff, students and postdocs book air travel, hotels and rental cars through the Stanford Travel program.

There are limited exemptions to this policy, as found on Stanford's Gateway to Financial Activities (Fingate).

Individual Trips

Faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and students booking air fare, hotels, or rental cars  for university-sponsored travel must utilize a Stanford Travel booking channel in order to ensure reimbursement.  

Booking through Stanford Travel channels allows Stanford to contact you and offer assistance in the event of a major emergency or changing circumstances related to your travel destination. If you have booked your trip through Stanford Travel (e.g. Egencia, FCM (formerly Casto), United Corporate Direct, or Student Universe), your itinerary is automatically registered and you do not need to do anything further.

If you qualify for an exemption and have not used Stanford Travel, before departing on your trip, register your trip details by forwarding your itinerary confirmation from your Stanford email address to

This is an automated email address so sending your itinerary either as the sole text of the email, or as an attachment is recommended. You will receive a notification when your itinerary is uploaded successfully. In the event that you are unable to upload your itinerary by email, please register your trip directly in MyTrips by clicking “New User? Register Here” on this page.

In addition to flight itineraries, you can register hotel, car rental, and train bookings in MyTrips. Enter as much detail regarding your trip as possible (all flight segments, lodging, transportation) and revise any information as necessary. 

You can find out more and manage your trip information directly through MyTrips.  Create a your account/log-in here.

Group Trips and Travel Booked by Third Parties

If you are booking travel for groups of 10 or more persons, or if your trip was booked by a third party (i.e. conference organizer or talk sponsor), registering your travel is as easy as forwarding an itinerary confirmation from your Stanford email address to In addition to flight itineraries, you can register hotel, car rental, and train bookings. 

If you are sending an itinerary on a traveler's behalf, also known as a "Travel Organizer," please send the email to the traveler’s Stanford email address and cc If there are multiple itineraries, attach only one per email.

If you experience any issues with forwarding an itinerary, please contact Global Risk Management (